Privacy and policies


This privacy and policies disclose that how MINISOFT PARK collects, uses, maintains information from the users and why we collect this information.


MINISOFT PARK may use browser cookies to enhance your user experience. You may allow or accept cookies to use MINISOFT PARK. You also can refuse the cookies but without acceptance, you may not use them functionally properly.

How do we protect your information?

01. We never share your personal information, identity, picture, with another 3rd party.
02. Your email, the contact is very confidential and it never-ever will be accessed/used except your permission.
03. We don’t accept unauthorized access, alteration to protect users' security.

Change of privacy and policy:

All updates and changes of privacy and policy can be maintained by the Minioft Park only. MINISOFT PARK can restrict and ban the user if any rule is violated.

Contacting mailbox:

We need your feedback to improve our services; we never share your email or information with any third party for promotional ad posting. If you have any suggestions or any issues regarding our service then feel free to email us.