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: How to get a job doing voice-over?
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: How to get a job doing voice-over?
: This is the most asking question that I know about voiceover job and am quite well at this but I don’t get any job. How do I win a voice-over job? so here are some tips to get a voiceover job, you could follow this to get the opportunity. 1. Be serious about the topic 2. Stop overthinking 3. Never over-rehearse 4. Don’t get stuck on punctuation 5. Don’t record too much 6. Try to visualize the scene 7. Try to satisfy what you have Which equipments are essential for voiceover? You have to set up a voice-over studio to get a good output. I would discuss the basics equipment which are used for the studio 1. Microphones 2. Headphones 3. Soundproofing 4. Vocal booth 5. MIC cables 6. Desk mount stand 7. Floor mount 8. Shock mount 9. Various software 10. Recording device
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